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FAX: 03-3278-1313

各社のセミナー情報は下記のPDF Fileをクリックするとご覧頂けます。
★ 参加者の情報はセミナー開催企業に提供致します。
★ 受付には名刺をご用意ください。

The Platinum and Gold Supporters will provide you the Luncheon Seminar on November 12th and 13th in the lunch time (12:45 – 13:30) at the 605/606, 607, 608,101 and 102 seminar room. You must register in advance if you would like to attend this seminar.
Please send your application form by downloading the PDF file below and send it to DIA Japan by e-mail ( or by FAX to DIA Japan (+81 3 3278-1313).
The final deadline is on November 5th, Monday. But DIA will close the recruitment when the attendee is full.
* Your information will be provided to the Platinum and Gold supporters.
* Please prepare your business card when you enter the seminar room.

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